Saturday, September 16, 2017

Sound-Design Challenge #1

Someone over on the Psy Producers Forum Facebook page suggested a regular sound-design challenge as an exercise.

The description was the sound of a swarm of electric birds in an impossible space. Check out my attempt here!

I started by recording multiple layers of my Roland Alpha Juno keyboard into the computer. The patch uses the filter going into self resonance with a high-speed LFO adjusting the cut-off frequency of the filter to get a moving squeaky sound. A bit bird like!

I played the notes in by hand un-quantised to get a bird like timing.

The rest of the sound-design is layers of effects in REAPER. There is a delay to fake the number of "birds" (eg. get more layers). Chorus to imitate more birds, and also to give it a classic sci-fi feeling (adding to the "impossible space"). Stuttery / glitch plugin is in the chain to give a robotic feeling. I imagine robot birds glitch and stutter. The final few effects are a few convolution reverbs, one using the impulse of a spring reverb: something a bit other worldly / not a realistic / not in the real world reverb for the "impossible space" part of the challenge.

Here it is over at my SoundCloud.

 - Wim

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