Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Music Game Jam 2017

I joined a game jam team working on a game for Music Game Jam 2017.

Rules of the jam were to make something music themed over 72 hours. Our goal was a rhythm based game where you move to the beat of the music. 

 I wrote 5 different short pieces of loopable music for 5 different levels.

 I tried to make the beats recognisable and not too up-tempo. No polyrhythmic, complex time signatures here...! Although that would have been cool.

The only bit of art I was given was the idea of the main playable character: a cute but deadly bear with a sword.

I took some inspiration from Donkey Kong Country (the use of hand-drums and "human" instruments). I imagined the music to be somewhat SNESish but with nods to the NES also with synth melodies using NES style wave-shapes. As a side note I do quite like the work of David Wise!

Unfortunately a working game did not come to fruition. Oh well!

Check 'em out:

This one I intended for either the title screen music or level one: https://soundcloud.com/user-156024053/game-jam-1-tune-4

And the other 4:


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