Thursday, September 14, 2017

Goa-Trance Tunes and Workflow

I have been writing GoaTrance lately. I have found having a rather strict workflow has helped me to complete songs. Working with hardware can force one to work in a more regimented way. My rough workflow is something like this:

 - Sketch MIDI arrangement using placeholder VST synth sounds. Also work on percussion. Export layers of percussion as audio.

 - Send MIDI to hardware synths and record into the computer.

- Do a few more passes of synths for effects, risers etc.

 - Final mix-down.

There are a few advantages of working this way. The workflow is helpful for me as I mentioned. Not relying on writing with the synths in real time means its somewhat easy to multitrack a monosynth. Both for multitimbrality, but also for polyphony.

Dealing with jittery MIDI is thing... Hopefully not too distracting or noticeable but worth looking into some tighter timing solutions...

I mix in the computer using REAPER. It's practical. Lots of nice sounding effects is nice too. For the most part I only use the stock plugins.

Check 'em out:

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