Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Modular Analogue Synth Build 2. Patch Cords

I made some patch leads. I sourced some plugs from ebay, I just used stereo ones because they were cheap and I could not find any mono ones. The plugs are stereo but they are wired in mono with a shielded single core wire/cable. A slightly larger diameter might have been nicer but I think they'll do the job. I made short and long ones.

It is surprisingly labor intensive, these were made in an evening.

Much cheaper than bought ones!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Modular Analogue Synth Build 1. The Case.

I am in the process of building a modular analogue synthesiser. First up, the case! A number of off the shelf cases exist for building a modular synth, but none are cheap. Some time ago I stumbled on the fact that a piece of furniture from Ikea (Rast bedside table) conforms to the 19 inch rack standard for audio and industrial gear. I do wonder if this is coincidence or weather the thing was designed with this multi-purpose in mind. In any case (ho ho) it provides 19 inches by 6U. Two rows of euro-rack will fit nicely! I decided to go with the euro-rack format as apposed to the larger Moog / synth.com for a few reasons. One of the large reasons is the size of both the modules, jacks and cables.

I've bought some Tip-top audio mounting ears and rails to go inside the Rast. They strike me as being quite expensive for what they are but nonetheless this DIY route is cheaper than buying a pre-built case.

I found a piece of wood on the street and cut it up for use as the side mounting points. The inner wood rails and nailed in place and wood screws hold the tip-top audio rack ears in place.

Still to come, power supply, DIY modules, patch-cables, drum machine clone modules.